Employee Benefits

At the heart of every successful business is an effective employee benefits strategy that seeks to balance the differing needs of employees with an employer’s desire to attract, motivate, retain and reward the best employees as cost effectively as possible. As a business you want to ensure that your costs are controlled and valued, and that your Employee Benefits programmes are appreciated.

At 3D we are dedicated to providing support and solutions by offering innovative and customised solutions. Our expertise, commitment and skilled workforce enable us to be at the forefront in design, implementation and management of employee benefits programmes. In addition, our reputation of building strong relationships is second-to-none and we pride ourselves on the specialised and tailored service we provide.

Group Risk


Healthcare is a crucial element of a company’s employee benefits package. Good healthcare benefits could reduce the cost of absence and needn’t be expensive. In terms of employee benefits the right healthcare scheme may attract and retain and furthermore help employers create a healthier and more productive workforce. Fast access to high quality medical care and advice allows employees to get back to work with minimum disruption.


As NHS waiting lists continue to grow, Private Medical Insurance, such as BUPA, has become one of the core benefits that many companies choose to offer and is highly valued by employees. It can provide peace of mind in the knowledge that potential absences can be kept to a minimum through the prompt treatment they can provide. Cover can vary from very basic levels to very sophisticated forms of cover. Furthermore it is an ideal way to compensate key individuals in a tax efficient manner.


A group dental plan is an insurance-based scheme that offers employees cover for both preventative and restorative dental treatments. The plan gives staff access to dental insurance through their employer.

Health Care Cash Plans

A health cash plan allows you to spread the cost of some of you and your family’s everyday healthexpenses for a regular, monthly premium.

Death in Service

This type of policy will cover selected or all of your staff for a lump sum payment on the death of an employee.

Critical Illness

Critical illness cover protects for individual and family against the diagnosis of such illness. We are able to analyse the cost and the critical illness cover provides a lump sum to the individuals in the event of a serious illness such as; cancer, stroke and heart attack to name but a few.

Income Protection

Income protection insurance (formerly known as permanent health insurance) is a form of insurance that keeps money coming in if you’re unable to work because of accident, sickness or, in some policies, unemployment. If you claim, it pays out a percentage of your take-home salary for a specified time period.

Key Man Insurance

Key person protection can ensure financial stability for a business should a vital member of staff suffer from a prolonged illness or even death.
It acts as a life insurance policy on the key individuals in your business. In a small business, this is usually the owner, founders or one or two of your best performing employees. These people are crucial to your business and their loss would be catastrophic to your organisation. Such irreplaceable individuals are exactly those you need to cover with key man insurance.

Flexible Benefits

A Flexible Benefits Scheme is the perfect way for you to please all your employees at the same time, as you enable them to mix and match benefits to suit their own particular lives. In most organisations, there is a difference in people’s age, marital status and lifestyle, which means that their wants and needs will vary considerably.

Voluntary Benefits

With the ever-increasing costs of benefits, offering employees a larger range of comprehensive benefits may not fit your budget. Offering employees the opportunity to take out voluntary cover provides them with wider coverage without breaking the bank. Additionally since it is up to the employee to participate, they have a higher perception and financial appreciation of their benefits.

Total Reward Statements

Make sure your employees understand and appreciate their benefits
Successful companies recognise the value of rewarding employees with financial and lifestyle benefits to enhance their salaries. Putting in place an employee benefits scheme is one thing but making sure your employees are fully aware of the benefits they are receiving is quite another.

Employee Savings

Save your employees money by increasing their spending power with our employee discounts scheme. Employee Saving’s, one of the most popular benefits modules, comes into play. We bring you over 160 leading suppliers’ goods and services such as holidays and motoring through to books. By providing your staff with employee discounts they can actually increase their disposable income as they gain the benefit of valuable discounts on their purchases.

Salary Exchange Schemes

It is possible to save your company thousands of pounds by offering your employees certain benefits via salary exchange.

These salary sacrifice benefits offer employees the opportunity to make decisions about their reward package maximising tax and NI efficiencies that directly impact on their net income in a positive way.




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