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Author: Jenny Pearce / March 17, 2020

Following on from last weeks budget the following changes were made to Pension Rules:

Tapered Annual Allowance

  • As a result of the unintended consequences that the Tapered Annual Allowance has had for staffing levels within the NHS, changes were strongly anticipated. From 6 April 2020, the two income thresholds – Adjusted Income and Threshold Income – will both rise by £90,000 to £240,000 and £200,000, respectively. This will affect all those with income above the thresholds, not just those within the NHS.
  • In addition, the lowest level that the Tapered Annual Allowance can drop to will reduce by £6,000 to £4,000 from 6 April 2020. Those with adjusted income of at least £312,000, therefore, will be subject to a taper of £4,000.
  • The Lifetime Allowance will increase in line with Consumer Price Index (CPI) inflation to £1,073,100 from 2020/2021.


  • The increases to the Tapered Annual Allowance thresholds represents the first increase to the amount that high earners can contribute to their pensions in a decade. The change will not affect tapering of the annual allowance in previous tax years, which is relevant for Carry Forward.
  • Another small increase to the Lifetime Allowance after many years of cuts is good news. The increase of £18,100 will reduce the potential tax bill by a further £9,955. Members of Defined Contribution schemes should consider the potential loss of Lifetime Allowance indexation when funds are moved to drawdown and then become subject to the second Lifetime Allowance test.

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